Special Tools
PCD & PCBN Tools
PCD & PCBN Special Tools
PCD and PCBD tools of SINJIN are made of sintered materials (multi-crystal materials) at high temperature and pressure, satisfying both of tenacity and abrasion resistance, and are highly resistant against abrasion caused by impact. The tools are design compliant with different requirements for cutting blades and cutting precision, delivering accurate precision and machining at high efficiency.
Car, Airplane, Electronic, Mobile...
SINJIN Diamond Research Center researches and develops inserts, reamers, and end-mills compliant with ISO standards, as well as special tools designed for unique operation environments of customers.
PCD & PCBD Tools
SINJIN Diamond Research Center develops and produces special tools popularly used in various industries of automobile, aerospace, electronics, and mobile applications. SINJIN delivers PCD and PCBN tools of far more excellent machining quality and abrasion resistance than conventional ultra-hard tools, which provide top precision through strict inspection standards.
Automobiles and airplanes
Electronics and mobile applications
best precision
Top precision through strict inspection standards
SINJIN's product portfolio includes over 1,000 diamond tools. Please call us for any inquiry.+ Inquiry
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