RX Lens & Glass Lens
IOL & RX Lens Generator Tools
IOL & RX Lens Generator Tools
SINJIN develops and supplies natural and special rotary PCD tools for machining of eyewear lenses including natural diamond tools for machining of contact lenses. Growth of demands for individual-tailored glass lenses require special tools and diamond tools of diversified types necessary for machining of freeform lenses of glasses, and SINJIN supplies tools satisfying such demands as well as tools standardized for machining systems.
PCD milling cutter
SINJIN is the sole supplier of PCD milling cutter in Korea required for coarse grinding of lenses of freeform glasses, and makes great efforts for developing tools of high efficiency and advanced technologies for producing high-quality lenses by working with notable global lens manufacturers.
Eyewear lenses
Contact lenses
single source
PCD milling cutter solely supplied from SINJIN in Korea
SINJIN's product portfolio includes over 1,000 diamond tools. Please call us for any inquiry.+ Inquiry
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